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Growing Veggies:
Walking Stick Kale
Green Onions
Elephant Garlic
Compost Tea
Tree Collards
Harvesting Dry Beans
Drip Systems
Garden Tower Project 1
Gophers are best gone
Lionel’s Gopher-free Landscape
Fall-Winter Garden
Turning Soil
Preparing Veggies:
Solar Oven
Drying Scarlet Runner Beans
Chard and Beet Greens
The Best Tomatillo-Chipotle Sauce 1
The Best Tomatillo-Chipotle Sauce 2
Boiled Eggs
Grilling Veggies 1
Grilling Veggies 2
Paella 1
Paella 2
Paella 3
Thxgiving Turkey
Glazed Brussel Sprouts
Tajine: Dude Style
Mahmoud Makes Olives
Preparing Spaetzle
Storing Veggies:
Visiting with TheDude:
Kayak Fishing
The Educated Gardener
Gil’s Hogback Garden
Grafting Trees with the Rare Fruit Growers
Prickly Pears 1
Prickly Pears 2
Prickly Pears 3
Topaz Solar Farm
Surfing Hanalei Bay
Ahwahnee Hotel
Bill’s Farm 1
Bill’s Farm 2
Bill in Black Lake Canyon
Donate Hair
Visiting Birds
Limahuli Gardens
Bag Monsters vs. Integrated Waste Management Authority
Four Elements Farm
Hiking for Health: Replacing the Buddha
TheDude Blew It:
Upside Down Containers
PVC Scaffolding
Letting Plants Go to Seed
Planting Too Close Together

TheDude decided to act on his belief that the highest art form is growing, preparing and consuming veggies. With the recent collapses of the economy, environment, and basic civility, everyone has a duty to live sustainably in harmony with all things. TheDude began to grow veggies with the great advantage of having no gardening knowledge or skills. This freed him up to practice gardening with whimsy, "TheDude way." Abide with TheDude in his quest for sustainable living.    

“If TheDude can do it, so can you.”
Quoth TheDude:
“The highest art form is growing, preparing and consuming veggies in a sustainable and healthy way.”
Gardening TheDude Way
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